When we review live sports streaming websites, we try to provide an objective assessment of their strengths and weaknesses. In other words, we ‘call it like we see it–our job is to give our readers the unvarnished truth about the good, bad and the ugly in live sports streaming. With that in mind, we can categorically say that Wiziwig is ‘the gold standard’ for live sports streaming. It’s the first place that anyone new to live streaming should visit and continues to be an invaluable resource for even the most experienced user.


From the first time you visit the main index page it’s clear that Wiziwig is unlike any other live sports streaming sites. Most of them–even the good ones–exist as an excuse to serve advertising. At best they balance that with valuable content but it’s evident that serving advertising is their top priority. Wiziwig is just the opposite–everything about the site suggests that their priority is providing the best information about live sports streaming as possible. There is a limited amount of advertising but even without the use of ad blocking software it’s almost unnoticeable.

Wiziwig has a good directory of live sports streaming links, but what makes the site exceptional is the wealth of information they provide about the ‘nuts and bolts’ of live streaming. They’re one of the very few sites that make a legitimate effort to teach newcomers what they need to know. In addition, they stay on the ‘cutting edge’ of third party streaming software to bring more experienced users the best possible video quality. You’ll be able to find game streams at Wiziwig, but the site offers much more.


Wiziwig might not do everything right, but the good far outweighs the bad. The general editorial format of the site is a refreshing change from the typical live sports streaming sites. They offer an expansive index of live sporting event streams but if you can’t find what you’re looking for you can ask in the discussion forum. The forum is a very cordial and informative community where newcomers can ask questions, and experienced users can seek advice on technical problems as well as help tracking down obscure streams.

While many live sports streaming sites offer only marginal quality Flash video feeds, Wiziwig features a wide variety of more sophisticated streaming solutions. You can find Flash based links here, but also the software, configuration information and streams for extremely high quality video. Unlike so much of the live streaming niche, Wiziwig takes what they do very seriously much to the benefit of its users.

This web service similar to that of First Row Sports streams several sporting events such as boxing, NFL football games, NBA, MLB, NCAA basketball and live college football games for free.


Wiziwig is such an excellent website it’s hard to come up with any serious negatives. There are menu items for ‘Live TV’ and ‘Live Radio’ that have been ‘coming soon’ for a couple of years now. The FAQ needs updating to cover some of the newer streaming technologies like AcePlayer and Swarm Player. Currently, the third party software covered in the FAQ are outmoded technologies like TVAnts, TVU, and Sopcast.

In all honesty, that’s about it. Just about everything that Wizwig.TV does is a positive and the negatives so nitpicking as to be almost irrelevant. It’s almost not right to compare the other live sports streaming sites against the high standard of excellence that Wiziwig sets. There are some sites that do a decent job providing a directory of live sports streams, but it just feels like Wiziwig is playing on a higher level.


If our review hasn’t made this abundantly clear, we’ll spell it out for you–Wiziwig is the best live sports streaming site in existence. It is an essential ‘first stop’ for newcomers and a valuable resource for all sports streaming enthusiasts. The site provides excellent coverage of live streams from a wide variety of sports and more significantly, emphasizes the technical side of live streaming that most sites neglect.

You’ll be able to find most of the live streams and ‘nuts and bolts’ information you need at Wiziwig. It’s not a bad idea to have a few decent live sports streaming sites bookmarked but more often than not Wiziwig will have everything you need. They are the definitively best live sports streaming site in existence.

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