PAC 12

PAC 12 Live Streaming Tutorial

The major college sports conferences have taken steps to monetize their broadcast offerings over the past few years, and the Pac 12 is no different. The Pac-12’s big broadcast revenue driver is the ‘Pac-12 Network‘, which operates out of the same building as Comcast Sports Bay Area in San Francisco. The Pac-12 Network offers a nationally broadcast ‘primary’ channel along with six ‘regional channels’ that focus on covering schools in a narrower regional niche. The Pac-12 national network is available in 60 million homes in the United States.

For fans that want to watch live sports action online, the Pac-12 Network offers something of a ‘good news/bad news’ scenario. First, the good news–the Pac-12 Network has one of the best live streaming platforms in the business. All seven channels–the national channel and six regional channels–are available for streaming online or with the Pac-12 Network app for smartphones and tablets. Now, the bad news–access to this state-of-the-art online media is limited to subscribers of cable and satellite networks that offer the Pac-12 network. If you subscribe to DirecTV here’s some more bad news–they don’t offer access to the Pac-12 Network.


If your cable/satellite provider doesn’t carry the Pac-12 Network, there are a few other ways to access their live streaming capability that doesn’t require a pay TV subscription. Students at Pac-12 member schools have free ‘a la carte’ access to all network programming including online streaming. If you’re outside of the United States, YouTube is also an alternative. The Pac-12 conference makes much of their programming available for live and rebroadcast streaming in 27 foreign countries.

Sports fans who don’t fall into any of the above categories also have ways to access Pac-12 Network content. The difficulty in finding Pac-12 network programming depends on the content in question–finding a conference football game is easy while access to a live network stream is more difficult. Locating a live stream for one of the Pac-12 Network regional channels is an even greater challenge. For Pac-12 fans in the United States who are unable to access conference streaming sports content any other way, however, it is certainly worth the effort.


Locating a good live video stream for a Pac-12 conference basketball or football game isn’t difficult. Assuming that the game you’re looking for is being broadcast live–and virtually all conference basketball and football games are–you’ll almost certainly be watching the action live in a matter of minutes. For a ‘power conference’ like the Pac-12, you may also be able to find coverage of sports like women’s basketball, baseball, volleyball, etc. The lower profile the sport you’re looking for, the harder it will be to find a stream.

The process of finding the live stream for a specific game is simple and straightforward. The best place to begin is the Wiziwig website, which is considered the ‘go to’ source for live streaming information for both novices and experts. In addition to an extensive directory of live sports streams organized by league, you can find resources to help with any technical issue you might have. You can also find live stream directories at other sites including Stream2Watch, FirstRowSports, and vipsportsbox. Starting with a Google search is a good idea–these sites and their addresses change often.


Locating a 24/7 live stream of the Pac-12 Network employs a similar process as finding a specific game, but is more difficult. There are fewer 24/7 live network streams of any type available online and, as a result, fewer websites and directories that catalog them. The bandwidth and logistical challenges are significantly greater for the 24/7 network stream than for an individual sporting event. Not only is locating a 24/7 network stream difficult, it’s even harder to find one with good video quality and adequate bandwidth.

There are websites that index live TV network streams from around the world and they frequently offer streams to the US college conference sports networks including the Pac-12 Network. One of the best index sites for streaming network feeds is Stream2Video.TV. They have an impressive range of networks from all over the world, most with high-quality video. At any site of this type the list of networks available changes often to reflect the sporadic coverage–if a directory doesn’t list the Pac-12 Network they may offer a stream at some point in the future.

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