Watch Ghosts of Shepherdstown Online: Live Stream & Full Episodes

Shepherdstown, West Virginia is one of the most haunted areas in America – or so the residents of the small town claim based on its history.
In a community of 1,750 people, almost everyone has experienced the paranormal, and the police department responds to many 911 calls caused by paranormal disturbances rather than criminal.
Now, Destination America is sending a team of paranormal investigators in a six-part docu-series to uncover the mysteries of the town.
Leading the team is top Paranormal Investigator Nick Groff, along with Elizabeth Saint, a paranormal sensitive, and Bill Hartley, a paranormal tech guru.
Together they are determined to uncover the truth about this haunted town. Are you prepared to watch Ghosts of Shepherdstown online?

We’ve put together a guide for where to stream Ghosts of Shepherdstown and watch Ghosts of Shepherdstown online free, so check it out below! The spooky paranormal series premieres Sunday, June 12th at 10 p.m. ET on Destination America.

Watch Ghosts of Shepherdstown on PlayStation Vue

The best way to watch Ghosts of Shepherdstown online is with PlayStation Vue, which offers Destination America live streaming. PlayStation Vue is a subscription service with a wide range of cable channels streaming live to your devices.  The basic package is only $29.99 a month for 55+ cable channels, and the other packages include even more channels. Vue is available nationwide and is the perfect way to live stream Ghosts of Shepherdstown, with no strings attached!

Vue is currently available on PS3 and PS4 consoles, as an iOS app, and with Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast. Live local channels such as NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS have some limitations when it comes to  live streaming; you will only have access to the live local channel in certain areas. If you are not in one of the market areas, you will still have access to your shows – you will have to find them in the on-demand library the day after they air.  Don’t forget to read our full Vue review to find out more about the subscription and its features. Or, if you’re ready to give it a try, get your week long free trial here.

Other Legal Ways to Watch Ghosts of Shepherdstown Online

PlayStation Vue is the only service offering a Ghosts of Shepherdstown live stream, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other options to watch full episodes. You may not be able to watch Ghosts of Shepherdstown online free, but here are some other options.

  • Amazon Instant Video – You can stream Amazon Video to nearly every device, and new episodes of Ghosts of Shepherdstown will be available a day after airing on TV.  Episodes cost about $2-$3 each, but we recommend the Season Pass as a money-saving option. It will automatically add new episodes to your account as they air.
  • Vudu – Vudu is similar to Amazon Instant and episodes cost about the same. The advantage of Vudu, Amazon, and all these types of options is that while you spend much more than you would on a subscription service that provides much greater value and access to TV shows, with these you do get to own the content for life. We also recommend Vudu’s Season Pass as the best value for money to watch Ghosts of Shepherdstown streaming, compared to buying episodes one by one on Vudu.
  • iTunes and Google Play – Both iTunes and Google Play offer similar pay-per-episode streaming options to watch Ghosts of Shepherdstown online.

Watch Ghosts of Shepherdstown on Netflix?

Netflix doesn’t currently have Ghosts of Shepherdstown.

Watch Ghosts of Shepherdstown on Hulu?

Hulu doesn’t currently carry Ghosts of Shepherdstown streaming.

Currently, no other services offer a live stream of Destination America. Streaming services like Sling TV are always adding new channels to their lineup however, and there are other new live streaming services slated to launch in the next year, like VIDGO, Hulu’s live TV service, and more. With all these options ever-expanding, they’re bound to carry Destination America sooner or later.

If you have any more questions about how to watch Ghosts of Shepherdstown online, just drop us a comment below. To watch more documentaries and reality TV, use our TV search tool, and check out our ISP search tool as well for finding the best internet deals for cord cutters.

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