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How To Stream The Big Ten Network Online

Before this century, sports fans didn’t have many options for watching live game action. You could watch on TV, but your choices were limited to what the three networks wanted to show. Things started to improve toward the end of the century thanks to cable and satellite TV which brought more stations covering more sports into American homes. The networks still had control over what you watched, but there were at least more of them available to the television audience.

A 1970’s fan watching the college football game of the week on a 20 inch black and white TV set couldn’t fathom the complete transformation in sports viewership that was to come. In 2014 fans can watch live action from any sport in the world. They can choose not only which game they want to watch but where and how they want to watch it. Simply put, the Internet has changed the sports broadcasting world.


One sports programming advent during the past decade has been the creation of conference specific television broadcast outlets. This trend started with the power conferences like the Pac 12 and SEC but now even smaller conferences like the Ohio Valley and Sun Belt have their own dedicated channels. The power conferences still draw the biggest audiences, and the Big Ten Network is right at the top. The Big Ten Network debuted in 2007 and reaches 100 million homes throughout North America. The centerpiece of the network is live coverage of games involving Big Ten member schools. Football and basketball are the marquee sports, but the network also shows ‘non revenue’ sports like gymnastics.

The Big Ten Network also provides several options for live streaming of games and other programming. Subscribers of ‘participating’ cable and satellite services have access to the live feed of the Big Ten Network at no additional charge. Live streaming is available via the Big Ten website or through a dedicated app for Android and Apple devices called ‘BTN2Go.’ A premium ‘enhanced access’ subscription package called ‘Big Ten Digital Network’ is also available offering hundreds of additional games, many online exclusive. The biggest liability of this package is that it doesn’t include football games.


The Big Ten Network offers a solid array of online streaming opportunities for cable or satellite subscribers. For everyone else, the best viable option is to watch the Big Ten Network online free. While there is no shortage of live streams of sporting events from all over the world, it’s a little more difficult to find an ongoing feed of a television network. If you’re looking for a specific game that the Big Ten Network is broadcasting, you won’t have any trouble locating it. If you’re looking for a live feed of Big Ten Network program, it won’t be as easy but it is possible.

Once you locate the right stream, you’ll be in complete control of your viewing experience. You can watch the Big Ten Network on your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. You can even watch on your television by using a streaming device such as a Roku Player or Google Chromecast. Some websites will offer more than one streaming speed–this will help you find the best video quality for your Internet connection.


The search process for Big Ten Network streams will be different if you’re looking for a specific game than it will if you want a 24/7 live stream of the network. To find a stream of a specific game you should start at Wiziwig. This website provides a comprehensive directory of live sports streams as well as informational resources and tutorials for newcomers. There’s also a discussion forum that can be helpful in answering technical questions. From there, you can search other live sports streaming directory sites including Stream2U, SportsStreamTV, and First Row Sports among others.

Locating a live network stream employs a similar process but is more ‘hit and miss’. There are websites that aggregate live network streams from around the world and often you’ll find the Big Ten Network among the US streams. When you do locate a streaming source, it’s a good idea to track down some backups as video feeds can disappear without warning. One excellent source for live TV broadcasts is Stream2Video.TV. You’ll find an extensive selection of US cable and satellite channels with high quality, dependable video streams.

In both instances outlined above, Google is a great resource to locate directories of live streams. Locating feeds of college basketball or football games is fairly easy. It will take a bit more effort to locate a Big Ten Network live stream. It’s worth the search, however, since you’ll be in total control of your viewing experience–and it’s completely free of charge!

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