If you’re looking to watch live sports online regularly it’s essential to have several solid ‘go to’ streaming directories in your web browser bookmarks. You never know when one of your favorite sites will go offline or just not have a stream of the game you want to watch. That’s why it’s good to see a number of very good live sports streaming sites available. One of the best is VIP Sports Box, available at a number of web addresses online.

About VIP Sports Box Live Streaming Service:

VIP Sports Box has a site structure similar to many other live streaming websites live stream2watch.me and first row sports. Unlike most other sites, they have placed an emphasis on ease of use. The main page has icons representing the various sports with a link at the top that immediately brings up a list of live events. Click on the link of the game you want to watch, choose from one of the multiple streams offered and you’re all set. In fact, of the many live streaming sports sites online VIP Sports Box offers one of the fastest game access speeds we’ve seen. In our test, we were able to go from the main page to watching a live NHL game in 10 seconds flat.

The site indexes all of the major US and European sports along with lower profile ones including handball and volleyball. There were no games listed under some of the more esoteric sports, but that was likely due to none being scheduled. VIPBoxsports has a very comprehensive selection of games from the major sports–at the time of our visit there was a stream available for every scheduled NHL, NBA, College Football and NCAA Basketball game. There was full soccer coverage along with a nice added touch–highlights of each goal scored in the top European leagues.

The Good:

VIP Sports Box deserves a ton of praise for not killing the user experience with advertising. The advertisements they serve are fairly unobtrusive and innocuous, mostly banner ads for sports betting sites. There are a few pop-up/pop-under ads here and there, but they’re also fairly benign. Most impressively, VIP Sports Box has none of the deceptive ‘media software update’ ads that are so prevalent on other streaming websites. Pay attention, however, since some of the sports streams originate from websites that do serve these sketchy ads. The ads that do show up are easy to close. VIP Sports is one of the few live sports streaming websites that provides a good user experience even without using ad blocking software (though we recommend using it anyway).

Most importantly, VIP Sports Box offers a wide variety of dependable streams that work. Stream quality and dependability are the most important components for any live sports streaming website and VIP Sports Box delivers. The streaming links are frequently updated meaning the few non-working links that do pop up aren’t there for long. Overall, VIP Sports Box does a great job providing working streams with a minimum of viewing hassle.


There are a few minor issues with VIP Sports Box that are worth a mention. Some of the links don’t work–lower profile sports often resolve to a catch-all ‘other’ page. There are links for ‘TV Channels’ and ‘TV Shows’ but they also take the visitor to the aforementioned ‘other’ page. The individual stream pages all have the bandwidth wasting and useless ‘chat box’ feature. The video quality of the Flash-based streams are ‘watchable’ but the option for higher quality streams using third party software is always welcome.

Some of the streams are unavailable in the United States and some other countries due to geographic restrictions. Most of these are videos streamed by UK sports betting sites–it’s not VIP Sports Box’s fault, but it is likely confusing to new viewers. In every instance that we came across a ‘geographic restricted’ video VIP Sports Box offered an alternate link, so it’s not a huge issue.


Unlike stream2watch.me and first row sports, VIP Sports Box doesn’t offer the biggest variety of streams, nor do they offer many viewing options in terms of software and bandwidth speed. That notwithstanding, they’re one of the best live sports streaming sites online. They provide good coverage of the major US/European sports with reliable streams. They deserve major credit for their ‘user-friendly’ advertising. For that reason alone, VIP Sports Box should be one of your live sports streaming bookmarks.

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