The internet has taken the world of sports to a whole new level and it has done no better than for College Football. All college football games can be found online at multiple websites. Especially a team like USC.

WatchESPN Streaming Service:


The first place to start and find these games online is WatchESPN. This is the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. They specialize in catering sports and sporting events to the general public. This is what makes them your first choice in watching sports online.

There is a catch to all of this though. The catch is that you can only access certain features instead of getting full access to things like watching live games, getting exclusive news, and breakthrough statistics, is that you have to connect and order it through your TV Provider.

This means you will have to most likely buy a sports package through your TV service if you haven’t already. You can find ESPN and the USC Trojans at

PAC 12 Network Online Stream:

The next place you should go to check out USC Trojan football is the Pac-12 website. This is the conference the Trojans are in.

This website shows only items about all the sports of all the schools in the conference meaning it will show all you need to know about the University of South Carolina’s Sports. Which means that you can go even more in detail and access all PAC-12 has to offer about Trojan football.

They offer live games, live replays, schedules, statistics, news articles, and much more. You can get access to PAC-12 by also signing up with your TV Provider meaning you will probably have to buy something to access it.

What you might have to buy is a season long pass for sports access and have to renew it each year but you’ll have the best access to everything you’ll need to know about the USC Trojans because it is provided by their very own conference. You can find the USC Trojans on Pac-12’s website at

Sports Illustrated:


The third place you should look to get Live Trojan football is Sports Illustrated or SI. This website offers almost the same thing as ESPN but caters to a wide variety of people. This site is well known for their Swimsuit Edition.

Sports Illustrated offers the same things as the other two and provides a wide access and knowledge of the USC Trojan football. You can find the USC Trojans on Sports Illustrated at


The final and most likely best online coverage you can get of USC sports if offered from This is run by the University of South Carolina and allows access to live-games, pre-games, and post game shows. In order to obtain access to this website you will need to subscribe and make an account.

This means you will have to buy a package. All in all to stream live football online you will have to pay for it. You may be able to access some good plays, maybe even a pre-game show, and you might be able to listen live on the radio but you cant find the USC Trojans football for free.