When it’s game day, you need to be in on all the action, right? Nothing should prohibit you from missing any important details about the game and all that’s going on in Austin on game day.

If you can’t make it to the stadium for the game, whether that means you’re at home several miles away busy with Saturday chores, or if you’re hundreds of miles away (but in Austin in spirit), you need a way to check out the game. How can your dilemma be solved? By simply checking out the game online. However, sometimes that doesn’t seem so “simple”.

Here today are several options for you so that you know the best ways to check out the Longhorns football games, wherever you may be when game day comes around.

The Longhorn Network:

First of all, the most popular option for dedicated Longhorns fans is the Longhorn Network through ESPN. This site allows you to live stream the Longhorns games the day that they’re playing as well as get in on all kinds of behind-the-scenes action.

This includes previously before cut footage such as pregame speeches and coaching done in the locker rooms. With the Longhorn Network Pass, you’ll be able to get so much access into the world of Longhorn Football that even being present at the game in the stadium couldn’t get you.

With Longhorn Network, there is a schedule that comes out each football season of which games you have to pay to stream and which ones are free.

FOX Sports Go APP:


If the particular Longhorn game is on FOX that day, you can download the FOX Sports Go app which is available in the app store for iOS products, as well as view the game on FOX Sports Online for free.

If the game is being broadcast on ABC that day, you can go to the ABC Fan Network website where you will find a Watch Live tab. Click this tab to watch Longhorn football live on your computer. Additionally, the ABC Network also offers an app for mobile devices which are available for both iOS and Android.

CBS Sports ULive:

Another station that the game might be shown on is CBS. If you would like to view the game online through CBS, you are required to be a member of CBS Sports ULive, which is a paid subscription to the website. Once you subscribe to the website, you can then receive access to not only view the games online but also have access to download the CBS Sports mobile app.

Texas Sports Online:

Finally, if you want to not only stream games but also get audio broadcasts of the game, you can pay for an annual subscription for one or both of these options through the Texas Sports Online website.

Whatever your Saturday plans include, they can now also include catching the Longhorns game, since you’ll be guaranteed the ability to watch the game now that you have so many options of watching it online.

So, take some time to review your options, grab your laptop, and find a comfy spot to watch the football game. And remember, “Hook ‘Em, Horns!”