Texas A&M University has been playing college football since the late 1800’s and has been among the most popular teams in the sport ever since. The University has a 60,000 plus student enrollment and a legion of influential alumni across the Long Star State and all over the world.

This combination gives the Texas A&M Aggies football team a rabid fan base to rival any team in the country. The excitement around the school’s football program reached a new level in 2012 when the Aggies joined the Southeastern Conference (SEC)¬†and played teams like Florida, LSU and Auburn. With the SEC considered the best college football conference in the sport it further validated the school’s tradition of football excellence.


Texas A&M fans are in the same advantageous position as the rest of their SEC counterparts. Due to the extremely high profile of the conference they have plenty of options to watch live game action on television or to stream online. The SEC has a contractual relationship with ESPN to broadcast many of their football games with the rest airing on the conference’s own television network.

The SEC Network is a partnership between ESPN and the conference, and the industry muscle of the ‘worldwide leader’ has helped the network reach over 75 million homes. This viewership is more than the second and third biggest conference networks combined. The SEC Network also leverages ESPN’s robust streaming platform. If you’re a cable/satellite subscriber, you have free access to the networks’ digital products. You can catch all of the live action of Texas A&M Aggies football on your computer or streaming on your smartphone or tablet.


Until recently, Aggies fans who didn’t have a satellite or cable subscription had no way to access the ‘official’ digital offerings of ESPN and the SEC Network. That is no longer the case–Sling TV offers a digital-only subscription to a group of major networks for $20 a month. This group includes ESPN and ESPN 2, with the SEC Network available on a premium ‘sports package’ for an additional $5 per month. Sling TV has options for PC/Mac viewing as well as smartphone, tablets and connected devices like the Roku Player.

Outside of the United States, Texas A&M football fans have options as well. ESPN offers ‘digital only’ packages in a growing number of specific countries that provides the same high-quality coverage that US cable subscribers enjoy. Outside of these markets, fans can find Aggies football games–along with every other SEC school–on one of the many websites offering live sports streaming links. These sites vary in quality with some existing solely as malware-laden scams.

Finally, if you’re looking for a dedicated network stream of ESPN and the SEC Network, it’ll be more difficult. A couple of good places to check are Google as well as message boards targeted at fans of SEC schools. There is a website called Stream2Video.TV that indexes 24/7 network streams but their selection is very ‘hit and miss’.

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