There are certain live sports streaming websites that always get mentioned among the ‘best in the business’. Sometimes sites can get an undeserved reputation this way–they may have been very good at one point, but they’re now ‘coasting’ or not living up to their perceived status. Based on our evaluation, Sport Lemon TV always gets a mention as one of the best–might no longer be living up to their reputation.


Sport Lemon TV looks good enough at first glance. The main page has a list of live and upcoming events in all sports though there’s nothing to signify which ones are currently underway. That pretty much defeats the purpose of having the ‘live action’ index on the main page of the website. At very least, it makes it very confusing for the user to figure out what’s ‘live’ and what’s coming up later. The same situation exists on the individual sports pages.

Sport Lemon TV does have a good coverage of the major US like NFL football and European sports but not much else. They offer multiple streams for most events but their indexing format is very confusing. Instead of listing a game once with multiple links they have separate listings for each link. In other words, a single game may appear several times in the Sport Lemon TV ‘rundown’. Every stream we tested worked though quite a few were ‘geographically restricted’ and unavailable in many countries including the United States.

What We Liked:

Similar to that of (review here) and (read review here), Sport Lemon TV does have most of the scheduled games in the major European and North American sports available. In addition to the big team sports there was decent coverage of tennis, golf, NASCAR, boxing and NCAA basketball. Streams get frequent updates helping to eliminate ‘dead’ links and maintain coverage of the full schedule of games. The streams themselves are the familiar Flash-based players and are at the very least ‘watchable’ though far from high quality.

This site deserves credit for longevity and redundancy–they’ve got a lot of different web addresses which makes Sport Lemon a stable ‘source’ for streaming sports. If they encounter an issue with one domain, they can just move to another and remain available to users. There’s nothing worse than searching for the game you want to watch only to find that your favorite sports streaming site is offline. That’s unlikely to happen with Sport Lemon due to some simple foresight and planning.

What We Didn’t Like:

As noted above, many links are ‘geographically restricted’–primarily live game streams broadcast by UK based sports betting sites. This streaming practice isn’t a big deal in itself, but Sport Lemon TV had the entire NHL hockey schedule linked to sites of this sort. Alternate sites were available further down the page, but they should make sure that the links with the highest visibility weren’t limited to certain countries. The confusing navigation of the link directories makes this problem even more significant.

Sport Lemon TV is also one of the far too many live sports streaming sites that completely undermine the user experience with their advertising. Furthermore, many of their advertisers are the sketchy bottom feeders that represent the worst of the Internet including the currently ubiquitous ‘phony PC repair’ malware scam. The site becomes fairly manageable with an Ad Blocker in place but without software of this type the site is not only unusable but borderline dangerous. Several of the Sport Lemon TV domain addresses resulted in a complete block from our test computer’s Internet security software due to a litany of malware and spam issues.

Final Thoughts:

In all honesty, it’s amazing that Sport Lemon TV so often receives mention as one of the best live sports streaming sites online. The site has a pedestrian selection of sports, a confusing navigational structure, far too many ‘geographically restricted’ links and streams with marginal video quality. The best thing that we can say about Sport Lemon TV is that you’re almost certain to find the site up and available when you need to locate a live sports stream.

Any mitigating quality of Sport Lemon TV is countered by the site’s advertising. There’s no shortage of sleazy ad practices in the live sports streaming niche, but Sport Lemon TV is among the worst. Countless pop up/pop under ads, new windows that the user can’t close and misleading ‘media plugin update’ banners are just the beginning. The bigger problem is the prevalence of scams, malware and no doubt other nasty things that you don’t want on your computer. There are a number of better live sports streaming sites online without the malware, scams and underhanded advertising practices.

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