There is no shortage of live sports streaming websites that place their top priority on serving advertisements. While some sites inundate visitors with pop-ups, blind links, redirects and worse at some point in the process you’ll be able to find a live stream for a specific sporting event. On an even lower level is P2P4U. The live sports streaming industry hasn’t set the bar for quality very high but P2P4U is well below that and may be the worst site of this sort online.


It’s inappropriate to review P2P4U as a live sports stream website. It’s a pure scam that uses the ‘hook’ of live sports streaming to serve up advertising, malware, viruses and who knows what else. Based on the two visits we’ve made to P2P4U the one thing you won’t find is live sports streams. We’ve accessed the site with and without ad blocking software and in every browser imaginable. No matter how hard we’ve tried we’ve been unable to find a live sports stream of any type.

On our previous visit to P2P4U, the site wouldn’t let us do anything without disabling our ad blocking software. We did, and the site still didn’t work. After disabling every type of security program on our test computer including antivirus, anti-malware and our firewall we were able to access the site. Once we did, we were immediately slammed with every kind of sleazy and deceptive ad imaginable.

Pop up ads opened even more ads when you tried to close them. Multiple instances of the phony ‘software update’ ad also appeared making the claim that more recent software or an additional plugin was necessary to view the site. After about 15 minutes, we found some links to sports streams–only every game listed had taken place the day before.


Our most recent visit revealed several changes at P2P4U, but they are clearly an effort to hoodwink even more visitors into clicking on ads. The site no longer prevents ad blocking software users from accessing the links. Our guess is that the P2P4U ‘brain trust’ made this change to appear more innocuous. A site that all but demands that you disable security software immediately raises the red flag that it’s not on the up and up. Removing this lulls the visitor into a false sense of security. Now the site does nothing when accessed with blocking software.

We then disabled the security software on our test computer to see if P2P4U had done anything to clean up their act. To the surprise of no one, they hadn’t, and the same barrage of sleazy ads pointing to malware-laden links started to explode across our screen. At least the site didn’t download an EXE file without our permission this time but that probably has more to do with us not giving them the opportunity.


The fact that the P2P4U site was now listing a current schedule of games gave us some hope that we could find live streams this time. Each live game listed several stream links–but none of them worked. They did produce more advertising but nothing else. We tried a variety of live games in several sports and got the same result–nothing but ads. The thinking here is obvious–if a visitor can’t find a stream on one link he’ll click on another. This strategy means more ads served for P2P4U until the visitor gets wise to their con or gives up.

Like we said earlier, it’s not fair to evaluate P2P4U as a sports stream website. This context implies that sports streams are available and despite all of the advertising that P2P4U at some point delivers on what they promise. That hasn’t happened in two separate visits to the website. We’ve seen plenty of ads, scams and malware but not one live sports stream. It’s classic ‘bait and switch’ deception updated for the digital era.

To say that we can’t recommend P2P4U is a serious understatement. This website is among the most repugnant bottom feeders on the Internet. It’s a site with no redeeming qualities whatsoever for the visitor. Stay away from P2P4U.

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