Notre Dame is one of the most well known and prestigious football programs in the country. Countless great Notre Dame players are in the college football hall of fame. In addition, some of the best college football coaches ever have coached for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Due to their massive success, Notre Dame has one of the largest and most engaged fan bases in the world. The good news for those fans is that there are many ways to watch live Notre Dame football games online.

Watch Notre Dame Football Live Stream with Sling TV (in Select Markets)

One great way to watch the Fighting Irish online is with Sling TV. The majority of Notre Dame’s games will air on NBC, a network which is offered by Sling TV – but only in some areas. ESPN will likely host some away games, and ESPN is offered on Sling nationwide.

For NBC streaming live, you’ll need to live in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Hartford, Miami, San Francisco, Philadelphia, San Diego or Washington, D.C. If you’re in one of these areas, simply sign up for Sling Blue for $25 a month (giving you 40+ channels), and you’re good to go! Coverage of specific games may vary by location.

If you’re not familiar with Sling TV, here’s how it works:

  • Sling TV is an online streaming service
  • All you need is internet, Sling TV, and a compatible device – no cable required
  • Compatible devices include streaming players like Roku/Chromecast, mobile devices and computers
  • With Sling TV, you’ll gain live access to 25-60+ popular TV channels (depending on which package you choose)
  • The channel selection includes ESPN, ESPN 2, TNT, TBS, Disney Channel, and more
  • NBC is offered in some areas
  • Gain access to the WatchESPN App to view ESPN 3, ABC-hosted games and other live sports online
  • Watch Notre Dame football online using Sling TV via ESPN and ESPN 2, and using WatchESPN via ABC, and via NBC in some areas
  • Add additional channels like SEC Network, ESPNU, and more for an additional $5 per month with the Sling TV Sports Extra package

Sling TV provides an easy and affordable way to watch Notre Dame football live stream of many games. Plus, don’t forget that you’ll also enjoy a ton of other quality TV shows, movies and live sports from many of cable’s best networks – all without a cable subscription! Read my full review to learn more.

If you need a streaming player to enjoy Sling TV on your TV, you can get a FREE Roku streaming device, or a big discount on an Apple TV when you sign up and pre-pay for 3 months of Sling TV.

Sling TV has packages starting from just $20 per month. It’s also no-contract, so you can try it for a month or two with no commitment. You can even try Sling TV for 7 days for FREE!

Watch Notre Dame Football Online Using PlayStation Vue

Playstation Vue

PlayStation Vue is another streaming service similar to Sling TV. With it, you can sign up, pay $30 a month, and get access to 50+ TV networks, including ESPN and much more. In some areas, you can also get NBC, but in these areas the package costs at least $40 a month.

If you are in a NBC-supported area, Vue provides a good way to watch Fighting Irish games online. It works on most streaming devices, and is contract-free. Read more in our PlayStation Vue review.

Watch All Notre Dame Home Games Live for Free With an Antenna!

antenna DVR combo

Notre Dame is part of the FBS Independents conference. They have an exclusive agreement with NBC, allowing NBC to host ALL of the Fighting Irish’s home games.

This is great news for cord cutters, because NBC broadcasts for free over-the-air. If you live in the local broadcast area of Notre Dame, all you need to watch Fighting Irish live stream of home games is an antenna. Don’t have one? Check out our guide to the top antennas available today.

Watching a Notre Dame football live stream is always exciting, but sometimes your schedule simply doesn’t allow for live viewing. This is why we recommend using a DVR to record the games you want to watch later. If you’d like to be able to pause and record live TV, and stream your antenna feed to your connected streaming devices anywhere you go, you’ll want to use a quality DVR. See my DVR comparison guide for more information.

Listen to Live Audio Coverage of Notre Dame Games Online for FREE with TuneIn

If you have an internet connection and a computer or smartphone, you can always tune in to LIVE audio coverage of Notre Dame games, using a service called TuneIn. TuneIn works by providing online access to existing radio programs. It’s completely legal, and completely free for users.

Watch College Football Online

Want to learn more about keeping up with your favorite teams, all season long? Take a look at our guide to watching college football online for more information.


ESPN is perhaps the best way for anyone to stream live sports online. Not only do they have a link through their website, but there is also a mobile app that is easy to use. For Notre Dame fans, this can be a great way to catch a game against an opponent live.

In order to access this ESPN streaming service, a fan will have to have a cable login that has access to ESPN. Whenever streaming a live Notre Dame game, always keep in mind that the better your service is the more likely you are to have no interruptions during the game.

No one wants to watch a Notre Dame game and it suddenly cut out due to bad service quality. The great thing about ESPN is that they have football stats for Notre Dame and their opponent in their game cast screen while you watch. This can help to answer a variety of questions you may have during the game.

NBC Sports:

NBC currently has a contract with Notre Dame to show a lot of their football games on TV. At one time, ABC, NBC, and CBS were the only places to watch a football game. This meant that Notre Dame was the only football team to watch on many days and one of the reasons why Notre Dame has one of the largest fan bases in the country today.

NBC also has a website where users can log in and watch a Notre Dame game. Although NBC is not totally dedicated to sports like ESPN is, their football coverage is still good enough that a person can enjoy watching Notre Dame through their online medium.

The quality of NBC’s online streaming is not as good as ESPN, especially on the mobile app. However, it is still watchable for a Notre Dame game if that is your only option.

For those without a typical cable access login, it may be difficult to find Notre Dame games to stream online. There are a variety of sites that do not require a login of any cable service. Some of these free sites are full of viruses, so be careful when you go there. One of the best of these free sites for watching Notre Dame football is Sports Stream.

This site has been around for many years and has a better reputation than most other free streaming sites. If you have a login you should use NBC or ESPN, but if that is not possible in your situation Sports Stream is a good option to watch Notre Dame play football.