When it comes to sports, Michigan State University is extremely well represented. With a green logo to die for, the Michigan State Spartans never disappoint. This athletic team, currently headed by coach Mark Dantonio (hired in 2006, November), was founded in the year 1884. It gained fame in 1951 when they finished the football season undefeated.

Use Sling TV To Watch Michigan State Football Live Stream

Sling TV will be a great option to watch Michigan State football games during the rest of the college football season. The subscription streaming service was launched earlier this year and has gain popularity due to its offering over 20 popular cable channels. The channels can be live streamed and include TNT, ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3 (Via the WatchESPN app with your Sling credentials). Michigan State football games will be broadcast often on the ESPN family of networks and the WatchESPN app will also let you watch any Spartans games on ABC.

The basic Orange package costs $20 per month, without any contract, meaning you can cancel at any time. There is also a limited-time offer to pay for three months of the service upfront and in return receive a free Roku 2 or save big on Apple TV. The devices will let you watch Sling’s live streams directly on your TV. You can also watch Michigan State football online for free by using Sling’s 7-day free trial.

Use PlayStation Vue to Watch Michigan State Football Online

Playstation Vue

PlayStation Vue is a streaming service from Sony that will also let you watch Michigan State football online this season. Like Sling TV, Vue gives you live streams of popular pay TV channels without a contract.

Vue has 3 basic tiers of packages (our Vue review has more info), but the starting package ($30-$40/month, price varies by market) carries ESPN and ESPN2, plus ESPN3 via the WatchESPN app, among other channels. Vue does also have Big Ten Network in one of its tiers.

While PlayStation Vue is a solid service, we believe Sling TV is a significantly better value. Sling TV costs less than Vue, has better device compatibility, and doesn’t have the strict, annoying mobile streaming restrictions that PlayStation Vue enforces.

Watch Michigan State Football Online With an Antenna

Michigan State football games will sometimes be broadcast on ABC’s main network this season. An antenna is a solution for you to watch these games without a cable subscription. The antenna accesses over-the-air broadcasts and lets you watch channels like FOX, NBC, ABC, and CBS directly on your TV. If you don’t have an antenna, you’ll find our guide to choosing the best TV antenna helpful.

If you are using an antenna and would like to record games, pause live TV, or even watch Michigan State football over an internet connection, a Tablo DVR would be a great asset. It lets you do all those things and connects to your phone, tablet, or computer to stream the broadcast from your antenna, so you can watch Michigan State football anywhere you can get an internet connection. Click here for my complete guide to over-the-air DVRs.

Listen on Over 30 Radio Stations to Michigan State Football Games Live

The Michigan State Spartans Sports Network broadcasts the football game every week throughout Michigan. The broadcast is led by George Blaha, who has been the play-by-play announcer for the Spartans for almost forty years. You can listen to each game directly on the Spartan Sports Network website here. The network also produces weekly previews of each game with the head coach.

Complete College Football Streaming Guide

There you have it: all your legal options to watch Michigan State football online. For more information about watching college football online legally, check out my complete college football streaming guide.

Below are the most trusted sites that you can comfortably watch your MSU games live in the comfort of your house or even on your smartphone. Some sites may require you to download Adobe Flash Player or SopCast. These two Softwares are spyware free.

1. SportLemon.tv – This is the biggest and the most dependable sports websites available. They have most if not all the main sports links and these links are several to ensure you get a working stream.

2. FirstRowSports – This is a very popular sports streaming website, that offers a huge selection of sports for free and has been around for a few years. However, they include links to invalid streaming videos which is rather irritating.

3. Stream2Watch.me – This website besides multiple links, offers live TV stations as well.

4. LShunter – Live streams are readily available from their main page. They have additional major sports streams links on top of the page.

5. WatchESPN (ESPN360 or ESPN3) – The downside is that this works only for the US-based subscribers and requires a cable package. The best part is that they give quality HD viewing of these sports. For international viewers, try SkySports, which offers a similar package but with less dedication.

6. BOSSCAST.net – This is a relatively new website with a lot of sports popular in the USA. Therefore, Spartans are well represented here. This site seems to have much potential, so let us watch out for this one.

7. LiveTV.sx – This website looks very nice, and it has all the available major sports. It’s not only easy to search any live streaming game but also very user-friendly.

8. VIPSportsBox – This website is unique for less popular sports, but they also offer major sports.

9. FootyFire.com – Weird name indeed, this site provides multiple links to different matches hence you are certain at some point you will get a working link.

10. AllSportLive – This is the website for other international sports though you will still find some major US sports as well.

Hopefully, you will find your favorite website for watching live Michigan State Spartans Football Games online. Happy streaming!