For sports fans worldwide, the best way to enjoy live game coverage of their favorite teams is with online streaming. Live streams are available for just about any game in every sport from around the world. With the right live sports streaming sites, it’s easy to find the link to the game that you need.

This list to the ten best free streaming sites online is the perfect place to start. You’ll know the sites you can trust and the ones you want to avoid. Every site is different with some sites better for European fans and others best for US based fans. We’ve done the work to evaluate them all and with this information you’ll be able to determine the sites that are best for your needs:


VIPBOX is ‘pound for pound’ one of the best live sports streaming sites online. Featuring a simple interface, minimal advertising, and high-quality streams it is a no-hassle source for all major North American and European sports. If there’s anything to criticize about their coverage, it’s the lack of many sports beyond the ‘big’ sports like US football, soccer, NBA, MLB and NASCAR.

VIPBOX will occasionally serve a ‘geographically restricted’ link but usually with alternate, non-restricted sources. That’s common on most live streaming sites and not enough to keep VIPBOX from being among the best in the business.

(2) STREAM2WATCH: features a design layout that is simple, but functional. The main page shows a list of live events as well as upcoming events with links in a bright orange text. Stream2Watch offers a wide variety of sports emphasizing the major North American and European TV and betting sports–soccer, college football, basketball, hockey, etc. Streaming video is decent quality Flash based with embedded players similar to YouTube’s.

One unique feature of Stream2Watch is an extensive compilation of live TV network streams from around the world. These include all major cable networks along with premium channels. There’s also links to streams of around twenty-five popular US TV series including Seinfeld, The Simpsons, and The X-Files. Overall an excellent streaming site worthy of a bookmark but watch out for the ‘software update’ ads that often disguise malware.

(3) ATDHE:

ATDHE.FM (with a variety of mirror domains) is the undisputed ugliest live sports streaming site. The layout and design would have been outdated in the mid-1990s. But behind this unimpressive exterior is a solid live sports streaming website.

They focus on the major North American and European sports but offer a variety of links to decent quality video streams. One gripe–they serve some sketchy advertising but with an ad blocker that’s no big deal. ATDHE might not look like much, but it’s a streaming site you’ll return to again and again.


FirstRowSports.EU (and often found at ‘mirror’ domain URLs) is one of the most popular streaming sites, and it’s easy to understand why. A simple interface, solid selection of sports and multiple links to high-quality streams is the ‘bread and butter’ of any good live sports website. The sports covered are the standard North American/European TV staples along with boxing, NCAA basketball, NASCAR and MMA.

One strange quirk about FirstRowSports–they have a variety of mirror sites that frequently change . You’ll even see minor design and layout differences from one FirstRow mirror to another. Even stranger–every mirror site looks like it has its own advertising policy. Some are virtually ad-free, some bring an ad-onslaught. Be aware of the ad issues but otherwise a first-rate site.


SportStream.TV is an interesting site. It has a clean, functional layout and with an ad blocker software active serves no advertising. Our reviewer was able to get from the main page to a decent quality live stream while encountering zero advertising of any sort. This ‘no ad’ experience is virtually unheard of among live sports streaming websites. Our major reservation–every link we tested would resolve to another live streaming sports site. This fact could be due to a partnership between sites, or it could be bandwidth stealing. For now, we’ll give SportsStream.TV an ‘incomplete’ but assuming that our experience was typical they’re worth checking out.

(6) ESPN3.COM:

ESPN3 is part of the state of the art streaming provided by the dominant television sports network. ESPN3 provides live streaming of many events that air on the ESPN family of networks along with an extensive array of ‘digital only’ events. Video quality is excellent and dependable, but access is limited. US based premium TV subscribers are all set. In addition, ESPN offers digital-only subscriptions in select foreign markets. If you’re not one in one of the previous two categories, you can’t get access. If you can get ESPN3, it’s an essential part of your streaming arsenal.


The NBC Sports streaming platform offers incredible video quality, but there are obvious limitations to coverage and access. No surprise, but coverage is available in only a few sports that have a broadcast affiliation with NBC. STREAM.NBCSPORTS will get you a fair assortment of NHL hockey, Premier League soccer and college basketball. There are also low profile sports like curling, skiing and snowboarding available. If you’re in the United States and subscribe to cable TV or satellite, you can access these NBC Sports streams on your computer or use their app to watch on your smartphone or tablet. If you’re outside of the US or a non-subscriber, you’re out of luck.


WatchESPN is the official mobile viewing application from the ‘Worldwide Leader’. It allows viewing of every ESPN network from a smartphone or tablet. You get the same coverage that you would in front of your TV set. The only issues with WatchESPN are breadth of coverage and accessibility. If a sport or league isn’t on ESPN, you won’t get any live coverage and minimal news. For example, since the NHL moved to NBCSports they are all but invisible on ESPN Sportscenter. Access is available only to cable/satellite TV subscribers. If that’s you, WatchESPN is an essential streaming source.


SportLemon.TV has a utilitarian, ease to work with interface and links to the sports most popular with North American and European betting enthusiasts and TV viewers. Most events have multiple links with stream quality varying widely from one link to another. More often than not, you’re able to find a ‘watchable’ stream for every listed event.

Two reservations about SportLemon. Many of the streams they link are from European sports betting sites with geographic restrictions. This source results in some streams not working in many countries including the United States. Also, SportLemon has a number of mirror sites, and it’s not apparent if they are ‘official mirrors’ or hoax sites used to distribute malware. Be careful.

(10) P2P4U:

P2P4U.ES is a site that you want to avoid. They get off to a bad start by requiring that ad block software be disabled to access their streams. The reason they make this request is quickly apparent–they bombard visitors with an overwhelming barrage of banner ads, pop under ads, phony ‘software update ads’, etc. They’ll also automatically download .exe files to your computer–almost certainly a malware.

Some elements of the site only work in certain browsers but since it’s virtually impossible to get past the phalanx of intrusive ads it really doesn’t matter. In our most recent visit, our reviewer made it through the barrage of ads to a list of game links–but they were for yesterday’s action. A bottom feeder in an industry that already wants for high standards.

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