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First Row Sports Unbais Review

No matter what sports or teams you follow there’s no better way to stay on top of the action than with free live sports streaming. There are live streams available online for virtually every game from around the world. No need to worry about geographic restrictions, blackouts or cable TV log in information. You can watch the games you want to see from anywhere in the world–and it doesn’t cost you a cent!

There are numerous websites that provide directories of live sports streams. One of the most popular is First Row Sports. Some of the ‘alternate’ First Row Sports addresses have less advertising than their primary one. Many experienced sports streaming enthusiasts consider Front Row Sports to be one of the best, and it ranks high in any relevant Google Search.


The layout of First Row Sports is very straightforward and utilitarian. At the top of the page, there are icons of the individual sports they cover. These include North American sports (American football, hockey, basketball) along with European sports (soccer aka ‘football’, rugby and motorsports). You’ll find more sports under a catch-all category called simply ‘Other’ including baseball, darts, snooker, cricket and Australian Rules football. There’s an icon for ‘boxing–WWE–UFC’ and one for live feeds of sports related TV networks like ESPN and Sky Sports.

Finding the game you want to watch is very easy–find it on the ‘live events’ list on the main page and click. Most events have several different links, each resolving to a YouTube-like Flash-based video player. First Row Sports does a good job of keeping active links posted, and their streams are usually standard quality video. This video quality is helpful to anyone who doesn’t have a fast broadband connection but limiting to anyone who does.


There’s a reason that First Row Sports is considered to be one of the best streaming video sites. It’s dependable, and they make sure that the links they post work. The process of locating the game you want to watch and to find the stream is simple and quick. Game times are in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) but the site has a clock at the top of every page. You can get the current GMT time or adjust it to match your time zone. If you adjust the clock to your local time all of the game start times update automatically as well.

Obviously, the most important consideration when evaluating live sports streaming website is their coverage–how many sports, leagues and games they offer. For most sports, First Row Sports does a very good job. Their lineup of soccer action is exhaustive with streams featuring games from all over the world. Coverage of basketball and hockey action was similarly impressive–their basketball offerings include not only NBA and college but the NBA Developmental League (NBADL). The First Row Sports hockey streams included NHL hockey as well as AHL Minor League hockey and College Hockey.


Most every live streaming sports directories serve advertising but First Row Sports does so to the extent that completely undermines the ease of navigation from their well-designed website. Every link click opens a ‘pop-up’ or ‘pop-under’ ad. When you finally reach the game stream page, you’re inundated by dozens of ads. Even worse, you can’t close every ad–some clicks intended to close ads produce more pop-under ads.

The amount of advertising is only part of the problem–the nature of the ads that the site serves are especially problematic. While some ads are for fairly innocuous businesses like sportsbooks and fantasy sports websites many are far more nefarious. Many ads could result in viruses or spyware being installed on a user’s computer. Most insidious are pop-ups indicating that certain media applications must be updated to view streams. In reality, they appear regardless of your software update status and also result in malware. Many streaming sites can be rendered more usable with ad blocking software, but First Row Sports requires it be turned off for use despite there being no legitimate technical reason to do so.


The advertising onslaught notwithstanding, First Row Sports is a dependable source of working, stable streams. They cover a wide variety of sports and offer a good variety of leagues within those sports. Once you find what you’re looking for and start watching the stream the ads slow down creating a decent viewing experience. First Row Sports’ ability to maintain working and stable streams from a wide array of sporting events from all over the world justifies their popularity.

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