How To Watch Boxing Online For Free

In the early days of television, boxing was the first sport to gain a widespread following with the viewing public. The ‘sweet science’ and its hard hitting action beat everything else and the containment of the competition inside a ring made it easy to follow. Through the rapid technological growth of TV and now the Internet, boxing remains a popular and entertaining attraction.

For the boxing fan, there’s no shortage of televised ring action available from around the world. In addition to bouts that air on ESPN and other US sports network like FOX Sports you’ll find plenty of boxing programming from Mexico, Japan, Europe and many other countries. The level of competition runs the gamut from amateur tournaments to championship pay-per-view events. Adding to boxing’s appeal is the fact there is no ‘off-season’ and the action continues all year long.


There’s such an abundance of boxing action from all over the world on television that there’s not a comprehensive method to access live boxing streams. The best live video coverage varies with the country, network and event. In addition, you might not be able to find a specific match in your native language. The action in a boxing match is easy to follow, but non-native languages can make the search for a live stream more difficult.

The majority of boxing events worldwide will air on network television or a premium sports or entertainment channel like HBO and Showtime in the United States. The best course of action to stay up to date with the fight schedule is to visit the boxing record website before searching for a stream. The process of tracking down a live video source becomes significantly easier when you know who is fighting and in which country. In some cases, BoxRec includes TV broadcast information in their fight listings.


There are plenty of ways to access live streaming coverage of basic and pay cable networks. Subscribers often have access to live streaming content via the network website (eg: WatchESPN) or through the web or mobile application interface from their cable or satellite company (eg: DirectTV). If you want to watch a fight broadcast on a network based in your country and you’re a cable/satellite subscriber you should have no problem accessing the action online.

For non-subscribers or for coverage of international fights the best option is finding a live stream of the network. Numerous websites provide links to 24/7 network streams from around the world. Websites such as vipsportsbox¬†and Stream2Watch offer links to many television networks from around the world. If you’re looking for a fight in a foreign country your best bet could be to find a website specifically listing their national broadcast outlets.


It’s significantly easier to find a live stream of a major boxing PPV event from the US or Europe. In fact, if you’re familiar with live sports streaming online you’ll discover that the process of finding a major fight is the same as for an NFL game or English Premier League soccer match. Some of the major live sports stream websites include FirstRowSports,, and SportsLemon.TV. New sites come online often, and existing sites change domain names on occasion. For that reason, it’s a good idea to start with a Google search to get the latest information.

There are a few considerations that are unique to boxing coverage. You may be able to find a live stream but not in your native language. Big events have the video coverage provided by a central source like HBO or Showtime but with a wide assortment of play by play commentary in different languages. In addition, there are boxing fans that will ‘simulcast’ an event by live streaming the video feed and providing commentary in a variety of languages.


Depending on the promoter in charge of a major fight, you may be able to purchase a PPV stream for online viewing the same way you would on your home television. Be forewarned that you won’t get a price break for online access and will pay the same amount that the promoters charge TV viewers. Most US promoters including Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotions offer PPVs via online streaming as are a growing number of international promoters. For a ‘must see’ fight it may be worth the investment to secure a high quality, reliable stream.

There are also several sources to access video of recent fights from all around the world ranging from local club action to huge PPV events. YouTube and DailyMotion often host video footage of lower profile fights. Video files of PPV events are easy to find for torrent downloading. Torrent search sites like ISOHunt and Extra Torrent can point you in the right direction.

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