To say that fans of the University of Arkansas Razorbacks football team are ‘passionate’ is a serious understatement. As the only university in the state that plays in the highest competitive division of college football (Arkansas State plays at the FBS level) they don’t have to worry about ‘divided loyalties’.

The Razorbacks have been successful since they began to play competitive college football in 1894 including a National Championship in 1964. In 1994, they joined the Southeast Conference (SEC) and have been very competitive ever since. Not surprisingly, they have heated rivalries with several schools including South Carolina Gamecocks, Auburn, and LSU. In recent years, they’ve started to develop rivalries with Alabama and South Carolina as well.


Fans of the Razorbacks have it good. Since Arkansas is a member of the Southeastern Conference, they have some of the best live streaming options available. The SEC’s primary broadcast partner is ESPN so most of the conference’s football games air on one of the ‘Worldwide Leader’s’ networks, usually ESPN or ESPN2. Not only does that make Arkansas football easy to find on television it also gives fans access to ESPN’s state of the art digital platform. Razorbacks fans can watch live game coverage on their computer, mobile devices or set-top streaming boxes.

If that’s not enough Arkansas football coverage, the fans also have access to the SEC Network. This network launched in 2011 as a partnership between ESPN and the SEC and reaches 75 million viewers in the United States. Even better, they use the same digital resources as ESPN, which gives SEC Network viewers the ability to watch on the computer or a tablet or smartphone. Both the SEC Network and ESPN’s live streaming options are available free of charge to cable/satellite service subscribers.


For US fans without a satellite or cable package, there’s now an option that can provide the same high quality and dependable streams. Sling TV is a relatively new service that offers a package of top premium cable channels for $20 a month.

This basic package includes ESPN and ESPN while an additional ‘sports package’ includes the rest of the ESPN family including the SEC Network. Direct subscriptions are also available to international fans that live in a growing list of specific foreign countries. ESPN allows fans in this country to subscribe directly to their streaming service which includes the SEC Network.

Fans that are outside the US and not in a country served by ESPN digitally will have to be a bit more creative to get live Arkansas Razorbacks football coverage. It is possible to find 24/7 live network streams of the ESPN Networks and the SEC Network online. You’ll have to do some searching on Google or on college football fan message boards, but the links are available. It’s much easier to find Arkansas football game streams individually. Every Razorbacks football game (as well as games of the rest of the SEC schools) are easy to find on Stream2Watch, ADTHE or one of the other live sports streaming sites.

The Razorbacks have had their fair share of ups and downs over the past few seasons, but Arkansas fans are nothing if not loyal. With the 2016-2017 season underway at last, many fans are wondering how they can access Arkansas football live stream, ideally without a cable subscription.

If you’re a big Razorbacks fan, but do not currently have a cable subscription or live out of the area, you’ll want to watch as much Arkansas football as possible this season. Lucky for you, there are great options that are affordable and legal, some even allow you to easily watch Arkansas football online. Keep reading and you’ll find out all of your options and can figure out which service will work best for you to watch the Razorbacks online this season.

Watch Arkansas Football Online All Season Long with Sling TV

Sling TV is a streaming service, offered by Dish Network, which starts at $20 per month without any contracts required. It lets subscribers live stream popular cable channels over the internet, and this year will be a great opportunity to watch Arkansas football games online for almost every game. The basic package (review) brings access to access about 25 channels, such as ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3 (Via the WatchESPN app with your Sling login credentials). You can watch a ton of Arkansas football live stream on the ESPN family of networks.

Beyond the basic package, Sling provides access to the SEC Network, ESPNU, ESPNEWS, and other sports channels through its add-on Sports Extra Package. The add-on costs just $5 per month, and will certainly be an ideal resource for SEC and Arkansas football games during the season. On top of the extra channels, you’ll also gain access to the SEC and ESPN’s joint digital platform. The SEC Network+ platform can be be accessed through the WatchESPN app, and will include game streams plus tons of highlights and analysis. This package is great for watching SEC football online.

If you’re planning to watch Arkansas football online all season, you should look into their current limited-time offer. If you choose to prepay for three months of service upfront, you receive a free Roku Streaming device or a cheap Apple TV for your TV. The deal is a great option to watch nearly the entire college football season, and either device will have paid easily for itself by the end of the three months. T-Mobile customers can also score an exclusive deal, giving them 30% off the cost of Sling TV!

If you want to try before you buy, Sling currently has a free 7-day trial you can try out.

Watch Arkansas Football Live Stream via PlayStation Vue

With PlayStation Vue, an online streaming service similar to Sling TV, you can watch a ton of live TV without cable. Pay $30 a month and you’ll get access to over 50 great channels, including ESPN, ESPN2 and many more. You can use these channels to watch Arkansas Football live stream whenever games fall on ESPN-owned channels.

Vue is available nationwide, and works on most, but not all, streaming devices. Apple TV is not yet supported, but most other devices are. You can learn more about the service in my PlayStation Vue in-depth review.

Watch the SEC Game of the Week and Saturday Doubleheaders on CBS

During the upcoming season, CBS has a contract with the SEC to receive first pick on which games it chooses to broadcast.

This means there will be some fantastic matchups during CBS’s SEC Game of the Week and its several Saturday doubleheaders. Arkansas is likely to be featured on the channel at some point this season.

An antenna will be able to pick up CBS’s broadcasts in HD, which are transmitted over-the-air. If you don’t already have an antenna, I always recommend checking out our detailed antenna buyer’s guide.

Want to record the games on CBS? With an over-the-air DVR,  you can record all the TV you get from your antenna, pause, rewind, and fast-forward, and even stream live TV and recordings to your phone, tablet, and streaming devices anywhere you go. Click for a detailed guide to the top DVRs.

Listen to Arkansas Football Games on Over 40 Radio Stations

Arkansas Razorbacks football games will be broadcasted through over 40 affiliate radio stations in Arkansas and the surrounding regions. A great source will be ESPN’s Hog Sports Radio 99.5 FM.

They will have plenty of Arkansas football coverage including pre- and post-game reactions, and each game will have a play-by-play broadcast.

The play-by-play will be once again led by Chuck Barrett. He enters his 8th season of leading the broadcast and alongside him 15 year Arkansas radio veteran Keith Jackson will be the leading color commentator. You can listen to games online here.

How to Watch College Football Online

Learn more about your legal options for streaming college football without cable by checking out our guide today.